Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blue Voodoo


A pirate with the blues. . .literally

Julian is a pirate with a demand. Years ago, his vehement determination to protect his freedom at any cost drove him from the warm embrace of a young voodoo priestess and out into the open sea. Her retribution for his abandonment was a curse that turned his beard a disturbingly vibrant shade of blue. Though it has made for an apropos pirate name—Bluebeard—it has made succeeding in a profession that requires secrecy and anonymity…difficult.

After a decade of staying only a wave or two ahead of lawmakers who find it only too easy to locate witnesses who remember him, Julian has had enough. He’s going to find the little voodoo priestess and he’s going to see that she compensates him for all she cost him…with interest.

A voodoo queen who doesn’t have the blues. . .and doesn’t want them

Ten years ago, Dominique allowed a smooth-talking pirate to coax her into his bed, only to wake alone the next morning just in time to see him set sail without so much as a goodbye. Born to a line of powerful voodoo priests and priestesses, it was nothing for her to fling a curse at the man who scorned her—but that wasn’t enough.

Swearing she would never again suffer such disrespect, Dominique dedicated herself to becoming a true voodoo queen. She serves the loa and her community, feeding her mysterious reputation with charms and spells that heal those who are loyal to her. Between her magic and her thriving rumrunning business, Dominique now has the status and respect that she craves—and she has no intention of sharing it with the pirate whose blue beard is nearly as outrageous as his marriage proposal.

A pirate’s life for me. . .

A pirate with a blue beard. A voodoo queen. Three dead wives. It will take more than a marriage to bring this man and woman together. It will take a little…Blue Voodoo.


Words cannot even begin to describe how much I loved this book. I am a huge fan of Kirill, and this hero reminded me much of him. I absolutely love this series and can't wait to find out what story will be told next!

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