Monday, April 20, 2015

First Sun


When the bad boy son of the United States president sets his sights on Eden Warren, she is not impressed. The first son is dubbed “First Disaster” by the public for his questionable antics and Eden has no intention of becoming his latest conquest.

What could this former playboy do to convince Eden that he has truly changed his ways, especially when she discovers he’s hiding a government-protected secret that could permanently alter the course of life on Earth?


Moving to DC from her hometown after receiving a scholarship to go to a high school where the best get to go, Edan meets the presidents son, Andrew. He is handsome but she is turned off by his playboy and partying ways. He tells her that's in his past and that he has changed. He promises to prove it to her if she will give him a chance. As the two get closer they each realize that they are falling in love. Then the unthinkable happens, while he is showing her the White House she over hears a conversation that the end of the world is coming. A safe hose has been set up and her family is going but they can't tell anyone. While waiting for the end they battle them selves and even terrorists to make sure they are together in the end, but will it be enough or will they lose each other too?

This book is amazing. I cried so much but there at points that were funny and lots of romance. I recommend this book and seriously hope there is another one after this to find out what happens next.

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