Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Remmingtons: Love on the Record


For NYPD detective Griffin Sark, it’s lust at first sight when fashion reporter Tessa Ramirez crashes into his life. But she’s also featuring him in a puff piece that he hates from the moment he first hears about it, and criticizing a woman’s job is never a great way to land a date. Opposites attract, wills clash and hearts (eventually) melt in this standalone romance.


While this is a contemporary romance, it is definitely out of the normal for Zoe York. Where most of her novels (SEALs books not withstanding) are based in Canada, this novella takes place in NYC. However, that does not retract from the level of amazing that is this story. I absolutely loved this story, and really hope we hear more about this group in future books. I especially hope to find out about Daniel's, Griffen's partner, story. This was just one of many stories in this collection. Be sure to read them all as each is a wonderful story taking place in the same place.

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