Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In the Spinster's Bed


It has been twenty years since Lord William Wattles laid eyes on Annabelle Frost. Still, he remembers everything—her ethereal beauty, her bookish intelligence, her surprisingly modern attitudes about love...and lust. But Belle's allegedly wanton behavior led her father to send her away to save the family's reputation. Now she resides at Spinster House in the village of Loves Bridge, where an unmarried lady can live—and in Belle's case, support herself as a librarian—in peace...

Beautiful, passionate Belle—sworn off marriage? William can't believe the woman he once knew could end up like this. But when the hands of fate bring him to Loves Bridge, his long-lost love might just end up back in his arms. Is their unwavering desire worth the sweeping scandal that is sure to follow them both? Absolutely.


This was a surprisingly sweet story about love lost and found again, loss, and happiness. I truly enjoyed this book and happy to say I have found a new author who's books I will enjoy. I hope you decide to take a chance on this book, as I believe you will enjoy it as much as I have.

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